The Resolution in 19th

ok, tomorrow (07-3-2015) is one month after my birthday, and until now i don’t really have resolution in my life ( know me so well) my life just like a water, but now i want to make a some resolution

1. be a good person

haha, it’s really my purpose, i don’t know about “meaning” from word of “good” but i think be a good person is purpose from all of person

2. start a healthy life

maybe i will eat many vegetables and fruits than junk food and fast food, you know, actually i mostly eating instant noodle, so, now maybe i want to reduce this bad habit.

3. go to a many place,

travelling to many new place with epic panoramas and perpetuate that moment with my camera and of course i write my story about my adventure in my Blog

4. go to Pare again

hehe, it’s not sure to realise this resolution, but i’m really want to go there again, to repeat a amazing moment in there

5. have a great IPK

really i want this, in addition this, i want my brain have a many experience and science, because in my dream, the next semester i get 3,6 IPK, and next i get 3,7 and onwards until i finished my study

6. easy to saving some money

it’s so hard in my life, but i’m really to realize this one, and i want to make a real

hmm…i want to make a rel of all my resolution in 19th
may Allah make it easy 🙂


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